What’s On My Phone? | 2017

Bonjour Amigos!❤🌼

Hope everyone is doing great. Today I will be sharing with you guys a “What’s on My Phone?” post and the apps I use. I have to admit that I am a techy. My technological best friends are Google, Wikipedia and My Phone.


I have the Samsung Galaxy J1 in Gold. I got it last year roundabout August/September.


My background lockscreen is a beautiful photo which I downloaded from Google. I really love it.


My homescreen consists of widgets and apps. I have the weather and time widget followed by the Google search bar that makes it easier for me to search faster.

The last row has 4 apps namely Phone, Camera, Google Chrome and Messages.

I have a lovely background picture of the Disney Castles that I also downloaded from Google.


Looking at my first page. My apps are arranged from the most used to the ones I don’t really use that much, excluding the folders.

Starting with the first row I have my Social Media apps which is Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Social Media pages are very important as part of the blogging life. I use them on a daily basis. I also have the game Candy Crush Saga. I am very obsessed with it. I installed it days back and I am currently at level 14.  If you are wondering, I disabled Facebook because I don’t really find it interesting.

Next row, I have Pinterest, which I really love. I am basically there just for pinning. You can get inspiration ideas for fashion, beauty, school things, etc. Next up I have Whatsapp which I use for chatting with friends/family online and chat groups related to school work. I also have Google Chrome which is a pre-installed app. A day never goes by without using it. YouTube is currently on my night-time routine, I watch videos that I saved offline the previous day or any other day. I don’t really get time to watch videos during the day.

My next row consists of my camera, which I use to take pictures, followed by Deezer which I use to listen music. I love it more compared to Google Play Music. Last but not least I have Gallery and Memo. Gallery is intelligible so I won’t really go in detail and my Memo is baically where I write all my important things.

The next row is slef-explanatory.  I have Phone, Settings, Email and Messages.


The first folder is called Extras. I made it so I keep all the apps I don’t really use most of the times. I have the apps Internet, Contacts, Clean Master which I use to clean, protect and boost my phone.  I then have My Files, S Planner which is my calendar. I use it for reminders and for sending invitations. Clock, Smart Manager, Voice Recorder, Video and Radio are easily understood, so no explanations.

I then have the pre-installed Google folder which is composed of all the Google Apps Google has. Which is Google search engine, Voice Search, Gmail, Play Movies & TV, Photos, Hangouts, Google Setting, Maps, Galaxy Apps (I am not sure if this app really came in the Google folder or I placed it there.), Gboard, Play Music, Play Store and Google Drive which I use to save my important pictures and documents for later use.

My next folder is the Photo Editor which has all my editing apps. PhotoGrid, VSCO and Snapseed. I also have the Instagram Repost App.

My last folder is School, Blogging & Editor (“Editor” is a mistake). There is a Calculator, English Dictionary and WordPress. I use it read new blog posts on a daily basis and check my stats.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media pages Instagram and Twitter.

With love,




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  1. theglittermagazine says:

    Such a lovely post ! Xx
    I would love it if you check out my blog !

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    1. Rejoice A says:

      Thanks and will do so.

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      1. theglittermagazine says:

        You’re welcome and thank you💜


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