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Bright Side of Life

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” -Wilma Rudolph

Don’t you just love when you start thinking about the bright side of life? Being successful, wealthy and all the nice words in between? Well, today I was thinking the same and I decided to share with you what I thought would take you to the next step in achieving your goals and dreams.

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. The first word that came to my mind was focus. Focusing plays a very important role in one’s life. It helps you keep motivated and moving forward. Persistent and obstinate is how I define focus.  You make better choices purposefully and you have a reason as to why you want to pursue your dreams. 

PRIORITIZE EFFECTIVELY. Prioritizing is a skill that everyone should learn how to master. It has been proven that to master a skill you should WATCH. DO. TEACH. Not only are these 3 words powerful but they are proficient too. Always put bigger and extensive goals first. There is always time for smaller goals. You can fill up a mayonnaise jar with bigger stones, followed by medium stones, marbles and still it is not full. Add soil, salt and shake it. It is still not full. Add more of it and add water at last. What did this teach you?

INVEST YOUR TIME. Learn to manage your time. It does not necessarily mean because your friend is going to the mall today or watching tv, you should too. Time is limited although it is said that there is time for everything. Which is true, there is time for everything. When you take control of your time, your ability to focus improves. And with that, you can carry out more with less effort.  This reduces your stress levels and you will start seeing opportunities everywhere. You will unlock the doors that a lot of people fail to see.

Overall, be yourself and believe in yourself through this journey. Never give up, you will surely reach the finish line one day.

Be consistent, be determined and dream big!

“You can only achieve greatness when you do great things.” -Rejoice Amutenya

With Love,




8 thoughts on “Bright Side of Life

  1. Thanks for sharing! These are powerful quotes.
    I also believe that we can do anything we set out minds to, but only if we are able to focus and prioritize! It took me a while to learn that if I want to achieve my dreams, I can’t be wasting my time watching the TV shows that everyone else is watching 🙂


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