Dear Diary

Dear Future Self: 2027

10 years from now**

Hey, sup? Is yo’ girl Rejoice

Hope life has been good to you and on the other side- interesting, fun, crazy, boring, expected and unexpected- a lesson in opposition. Yeah
Take a long calming breath, go outside, look around you. Are you where you’ve dreamed to be or am I too early to be asking you this?

I dream of you every single day and thus I urge you to do what you’ve been doing. We both know it’s not an easy road to follow. I’m sure you have a lot going on right now, and that’s good, isn’t it? Just don’t lose track of what’s important (what’s worth the time being).

Surround yourself with people who you love and love you too. That’s first and foremost, always.

Future Self, I promise to make you proud by accepting each and every challenge life will be throwing at me knowing that it has a purpose. My hands will stay open to receive all gifts, even those that seem simple and modest. I promise to acknowledge & appreciate the value in everything that I have, while giving back to others.

I will say no to the people & things that do not have any impact on my road to being successful. I will forgive myself for all my mistakes I’ve done. I’ll remind myself that it’s okay to not always know all the answers & embrace my flows so that others cannot use them against me. I will be unapologetic  (will not be regretful) for who I am, who I was and who I strive to be.

(Right now, I am trying to refrain myself from saying things like “one way or another things will turn out to be difficult, you’ll have sleepless nights, self-doubt, fear, etc.” But it’s the truth.)

I know you’re proud of me for learning all of this lessons, for pulling up my socks and doing the work on myself that’s required.

I choose to take responsibility for my life. You’re smiling right now because you see I get it, that the choices I make today will affect your daily life in the future. You see that I am showing up and doing my best I can. You are now proud and honoured to be me.

With love,
Rejoice Amutenya (14 year old)
NB: I will not abandon you now, I’ll be coming for visits to see if everything is going our way.

Last Visited: 26 November 2017


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