Dear Diary

Things That Make Me Happy

Hey there!

These are the things that make me happy and keep my soul content.

  1. My Family

I love my family. Their happiness makes me happy. Even just talking to them can brighten up my day. Just as well as it can also make my day worse.

2. My Friends

My friends, can drive me abslouetly crazy. They are the wildest creatures you’ll ever meet *inserts laughing emojis*. They always make me smile and laugh when I thought I couldn’t. But laughter is naturally in me. *giggles*

3. Writing

I enjoy writing, simply because it’s something I do almost everyday, and I just think my hands have all that energy. My writing usually reflects my state of mind when I’m writing. Or then I just have an idea that I am afraid I’ll lose or forget something if don’t write it down somewhere.

4. Being a technophile 

It basically means a person very enthusiastic about technology, especially one who enjoys the advances in computer and media technology.

What makes you happy? Let me know by sliding into my DM’s or through any other social media application.

Until next time,



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