Study Tips


Did you know that you’re 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of simply reading it over and over?

That is soo me [inserts laughing emoji]

So, we all know the reason why we study right?

“There is no elevator to success, you have to use the stairs.”


*We study smarter, not longer.

  • Give yourself enough time to study – Studying is most effective in small sessionss of 20 to 30 minute sessions over a period of a few weeks.
  • Avoid studying at night –  all-nighter could negatively affect the brain for up to four days[it was approved] But I feel like I study for effective at night.
  • Draw diagrams/ mindmaps – help you to visualise information which would be hard to describe.
  • Do research – students tend to complain after writing tests/exams that they were not taught about a specific topic or whateve. But you can always do research.
  • Take study breaks – rest rest rest… 5-15 minutes.
  • Practice on old test/exam papers – or you can even google activites related to what you’re studying.
  • Study groups – this doesn’t usually work. I’ve tried it myself-  you should first study by self and when you meet-up you guys can just like ask each other questions correct eacher, etc…
  • Drink water – As a final tip, remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision, and also on the exam day. [approved]

Thats it for now, BYE!


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